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ZSkills Corp Services for IBM Mainframe ISV’s 

Mainframe students are looking for a career, not a job. The focus among the new generation of mainframers is interesting since many of them are working with a technology that has longer lead times for results. When I speak with the new generation of mainframers, it’s clear that their motivations are unlike most others at their age. While well compensated, they aren’t necessarily looking at starting salaries and raise cycles; their questions tend to be more about professional skills development and results.

Ron Fresquez, CEO/Founder, ZSkills Corp 2013


Building on the success of IBM’s Academic Initiative System z

ZSkills Corp is built on the success of the IBM Academic Initiative for System z. ZSkills Corp is a partnership between IBM Academic Initiative System z, IBM Academic Initiative System z colleges and universities and IBM Master the Mainframe Competition. ZSkills Corp connects mainframe students and mainframe talent from IBM Mainframe education programs to the largest and most successful mainframe users in the world.


Only the Top Candidates

ZSkills Corp is extremely vested in grooming and finding careers for the next generation of System z IT professionals.  We work closely with IBM System z college and university professors and students and the elite of the Master the Mainframe Program, to ensure only the top candidates are put in front of zEnterprise clients. At a minimum, May 2015 IBM System z graduating candidates will have completed the industry recognized certification level Marist College z/OS Subsystem class. Furthermore, candidates will undergo an intense vetting process. Vetting criteria includes but is not limited to:

  • Technical Qualifications

Goal – Pursue a long-term career path in enterprise (mainframe) computing.
No geographic preferences. – Students must be willing to relocate to where the job is and agree to travel as required by the position.
Majors – Computer Science, Information Technology, Network Engineering, Engineering, Business w/technology focus.
Top tier graduates. – GPA of 3.0+ or above on a 4 point scale
Technical skills – To include basic knowledge of one or more mainframe technologies (e.g. CICS, DB2, IMS, WMQ, z/OS, Linux, Unix); as well as Job Control Language (JCL) debugging exposure/skills, ISPF editor, etc.

  • Interpersonal Skills

Effective communication skills. (verbal & written)
Works well in a team environment, as well as individually.
Pays attention to details and delivers quality results.
Adapts well to change and changing priorities.
Can work independently to identify, research, analyze, and resolve problems.
Can handle multiple priorities simultaneously.

Must be a U.S. citizen or have a permanent U.S. residency.


ZSkills Corp services at work.

ZSkills Corp guides System z students, the elite of the Master the Mainframe competition and talent from IBM Mainframe programs through the process of securing a career in mainframe computing. ZSkills Corp vet’s the resumes and background information from theses mainframe resources. Once vetted, the information is forwarded to mainframe users who have subscribed to the ZSkills Corp placement services. ZSkills Corp exists solely to connect mainframe talent from mainframe resources to mainframe users.


The ZSkills Corp recruitment team is uniquely suited to job placement in the mainframe industry because we’ve actually worked in it. We know what the demands are and we work closely with our clients to find the mainframe talent they need. ZSkills Corp Mainframe Career Placement services are cost effective  and easy to use. Contact us at 952-922-6734 or email us at Ron@ZSkillscorp.com.