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The Value of Mainframe Skills Rises as Job Openings Increase. IT experts say people with mainframe skills tend to stand out. And if that’s not enough, they stress that many mainframe jobs pay well into the six figures. If you understand how things work on the mainframe, you develop a foundation for working on other computing platforms. Put it all together, and you are looking at building a very marketable resume.


Building on the success of IBM’s Academic Initiative System z

ZSkills Corp is built on the success of the IBM Academic Initiative for System z. ZSkills Corp is a partnership with IBM Academic Initiative System z, the IBM Academic Initiative System z worldwide college and universities system and IBM Master the Mainframe Program. ZSkills Corp connects students from IBM Academic Initiative System z colleges and universities to the largest and most successful mainframe users in the world.


What we do

ZSkills Corp connects Mainframe Students to Mainframe Careers with the largest and most successful companies in the world.

We know you are busy sharpening your mainframe skills and college can be expensive. The ZSkills Corp is easy to use and there is no cost. Just email your resume to a ZSkills Representative and the ZSkills Representative will:

  • Forward your resume to mainframe users, IBM Business Partners and IBM Mainframe ISV’s who have subscribed to

ZSkills Corp services.

  • Forward your resume and recommend you to IBM Enterprise Server Solutions Professionals, IBM Client Systems Managers, IBM Client Unit Directors and IBM Technical Sales Specialists whose mainframe clients are seeking mainframe talent for their organization.
  • Work with you to make sure your resume has the right stuff mainframe users are looking for.
  • Help you improve your interviewing skills.
  • Enter your resume into the IBM z Systems Job Connector database.


The ZSkills Corp is a no cost, easy to use solution to connect you to mainframe users, IBM Business Partners and IBM Mainframe ISV’s looking for students with mainframe experience.