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ZSkills Corp provides mainframe talent to the largest and most successful mainframe users in the world. Through it’s exclusive partnership with IBM Academic Initiative System z, ZSkills Corp presents only the most qualified candidates to its zEnterprise clients.
ZSkills Corp candidates:
* Have hands  on experience on the mainframe while attending an IBM Academic Initiative Z Systems college or university.
* Are the elite of the global Master the Mainframe Competition with hands on experience on the mainframe. 5K+ participants/yr.
* Have passed the IBM System z Mastery Test. The IBM System z Mastery is a proficiency exam for entry-level system-programmer tasks.
* Are recipients of an IBM Destination z Enterprise Computing Scholarship.

The ZSkills Corp recruitment team is uniquely suited to job placement in the mainframe industry because we’ve actually worked in it. We know what the demands are and we work closely with our clients to find the mainframe talent they need. With this industry insight as its foundation, ZSkills Corp has committed itself to honesty, integrity, and to forming strong, lasting relationships with our clients. We built our business around developing and maintaining long-term relationships that serve both candidates and clients, and we bring that enterprising spirit to every single placement.


ZSkills Corp Resources

IBM Academic Initiative System z

Students with mainframe skills will be the revolutionaries in computing systems that are transforming business, whole industries, and the world. With the mainframe driving new approaches to cloud, analytics, security, and mobile computing, those with mainframe skills will be ready to help tackle challenges never before thought possible.

By collaborating with IBM, with their network of customers and Business Partners from around the world students will build more of the skills that industry demands. IBM helps students along the learning path by providing resources to teach students about mainframe computing, giving students virtual access to an IBM mainframe, and helping students qualify for jobs with the largest and most successful companies in the world.


IBM Academic Initiative System z Colleges and Universities

System z Colleges and Universities recognize that universities are not always providing industry with qualified workers, possessing the technical and software skills required to meet the needs of this new rapidly changing global marketplace economy.

IBM has teamed with colleges and universities to develop and deploy an interdisciplinary Enterprise Systems curriculum infused with leading edge technology, mainframe courseware, and industry recognized certifications based on open standards and IBM technologies. The key benefits to the IT Industry are students who are better prepared to meet the needs of the new global economy and become innovation leaders that will prepare our future workforce for the 21st century.


IBM Master the Mainframe Program 

The IBM Master the Mainframe competition is an exciting opportunity for students to gain real-world experience using enterprise (mainframe) computing skills. Last year, 5,611 students from high schools, colleges and universities across North America registered to compete in the Master the mainframe competition. Annually, contestants from high schools, colleges and universities in 38 countries and 6 continents participate in this unique mainframe computing competition. The Master the Mainframe competition is designed to equip students with mainframe knowledge, and challenge their skills in a hands-on coding experience.

To compete in the Master the Mainframe competition, no experience with mainframes is necessary. In fact, the competition is designed for students with little or no mainframe experience, increasing with difficulty as the competition progresses. Students just need to bring drive and competitive spirit, and they will be ready to compete. With a growing demand for a new generation of enterprise computing professionals, participation in Master the Mainframe contests could give students the career edge they need.

How the competition works

Part one: Breaking the ice

IBM will provide contestants with screenshots and directions to guide students on exactly what to do. This helps acquaint each contestant with navigating the mainframe user interface, introduce him or her to basic mainframe concepts, and get each student more comfortable with different aspects of the mainframe.

Part two: Practical experience

Utilizing the skills each contestant learned in Part One, the students will perform extensive programming (advanced commands, system setup, and advanced system navigation) and application developing (C, JAVA, COBOL, assembler and REXX) tasks, as well as hands-on experience with multiple operating systems (Linux on System z, z/VM, z/OS, z/TPF).

Part three: Real-world challenge

This is the most challenging stage and requires the contestants to work over weeks and months. Tasks from this stage are taken from real life situations encountered by experienced systems programmers, along with challenges designed to identify the contestants with the most drive and determination. Today’s mainframes are growing in popularity and require a new generation of mainframe experts. By participating in an IBM Master the Mainframe competition, students will be equipped with basic skills to make them more competitive for jobs in the enterprise computing industry.


IBM System z Mastery Program

The IBM System z Mastery test is a proficiency exam for entry-level system-programmer tasks that can be taken at over 5000 authorized Pearson VUE sites around the world. It verifies the knowledge contained in IBM Introduction to the New Mainframe: z/OS Basics.

Test topic areas

  • Introduction to z/OS and the mainframe environment
  • Application programming on z/OS
  • Online workloads for z/OS
  • System programming on z/OS


IBM Destination z Enterprise Computing Scholarships

To be considered for this scholarship, students must demonstrate excellence in their enterprise computing coursework, with plans for continued growth on the mainframe platform in their academic and professional careers.


ZSkills Corp provides mainframe talent to the largest and most successful mainframe users in the world. Let us help you find the best, most qualified mainframe talent for your organization. Contact us at 952-922-6734 or email us at  Ron@zskillscorp.com